The Great Food Truck Race Penultimate Round

Sorry fellas. But if you're ever in our area, we'll drop by for a bite.

Sorry fellas. But if you're ever in our area, we'll drop by for a bite.

Are the Truck Stop challenges a kiss of death on this season of The Great Food Truck Race?

Last time, it was the Seabirds who won a challenge. They were given a guaranteed hot sales spot. The result? They were wiped out that round. This time, it was Roxy’s Grilled Cheese who won a challenge involving cooking a dish with both peanuts and peaches. They won the challenge and were given an automatic $1,000 in their cash box, a huge round making advantage. And yet, they lost.

The penultimate round pitted Hodge Podge, the Lime Truck and Roxy’s Grilled Cheese against one another in Atlanta, Georgia. With two days, the three teams rushed to make as many sales as they could before the Speed Bump struck them. For the first day, Hodge Podge scored an amazing location next to a mall outlet, which netted them crowds of people including none other than the mayor of Atlanta, Kasim Reed. Rules and regulations at the mall only permitted Hodge Podge to hold the spot for one day, while the Lime Truck snatch up the permission for the following day. Roxy’s hit a snag when they had a poor day of sales that only seemed to turn around at dinner time. The Lime Truck didn’t perform much better the first day.

On the second day, things turned around for everyone. The Lime Truck took their reservation at the mall, netting them better sales. Hodge Podge didn’t seem to lose much momentum, while Roxy’s Grilled Cheese began to gain some, letting them catch up. It was then that Tyler Florence hit the teams with what he thought would be a tough speed bump: Pulling the head chefs from each of the three trucks and sending them to the Museum of Art for several hours, and leaving the teams to cook for themselves.

Despite this set back, it was not that bad all around. The Lime Truck actually had two, not one, trained chefs and so weathered the challenge with little difficulty. Roxy’s food was not hard to prepare, so the remaining duo made considerable bank. But it was Hodge Podge’s Catie who absolutely rocked the show. Nervous to the point of paralysis, Chris led his sister around and showed her what to do to run the truck before leaving her. Despite feeling overwhelmed and anxious, the ladies at Hodge Podge not only managed to get their food lines in order, and put Hodge Podge at number one in sales by the round’s end. Nicely done, girls. Way to earn redemption after last week.

But in the end, Roxy’s finished short and was wiped. A disappointing day for fans of grilled cheese.

With Roxy’s out, that means that only the Lime Truck or Hodge Podge can win. It’s anyone’s guess how things will go in Miami. The Lime Truck has a skill advantage and maybe offering food more to Florida’s liking. But Hodge Podge has the girls, and Catie proved herself capable in the kitchen, giving the Podgers an advantage they never knew they possessed. We’ll found out next Sunday.


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