Truckeroo Recap

Since June, more than 20 DC food trucks have gathered one Friday night a month at Das Bullpen, creating the rare opportunity for food lovers to sample multiple trucks at once in an event called Truckeroo. Along with food, there’s live music and alcohol.  This past Friday was the first weekend since it began that I wasn’t out of town for a wedding-related activity, so I rounded up the troops and we headed toward Navy Yard around 5.

Chicken Taco from TaKorean

First-things-first, we grabbed beers ($6 each) then perused the truck lineup, taking note of the menus and the length of the lines (which were fairly short or nonexistence at that time with the exception of TaKorean and Red Hook Lobster Truck).

My companions on this adventure were a nurse & nursing student so this would be their first food truck experience. We started with TaKorean with the thought that its long line would only grow as the night went on. They each ordered a steak taco with kimchi slaw, which I also ordered for J who had just arrived, and I ordered the chicken.  Although small, the tacos packed a lot of flavor and ingredients. Meanwhile, J had bought a delicious lime tequila chicken kabob and a fruit kabob from Stix.

Next up, J grabbed a pan con lechon, Cuban pork sandwich with caramelized onions from El Floridano, and the girls headed to Fojol Bros to sample their amazing butter chicken.  They also got a sample of PorcMobile at my recommendation, but neither seemed impressed with the quality  of the BBQ and sauce. After that, it was time for a pallet-cleansing Pleasant Pop– I had the cinnamon vanilla peach, and the other girls each got the Mexican Sweet Cream. The peach could only be described as  frozen peach cobbler- amazing. I had a nibble of the Mexican cream but thought its flavor was outdone by the peach.  J thought the popsicles signaled dessert time, so he surprised us with triple European chocolate and cookies and cream cupcakes from Sweetbites.  The icing on the European chocolate was rich and smooth, but Curbside Cupcakes remains my fav cupcake-on-wheels.

Pan con lechon from El Floridano

Luckily, we snagged a table when we arrived and held on to it for the entire night, sharing it with other groups who came and went. I eyed one table mate’s shrimp po-boy from Cajunators, and she kindly offered me a bite and then the second half which she wasn’t going to eat. The crispy-crusted tender shrimp, tangy remoulade sauce and high-quality bread surprised me, and I finished off the sandwich half despite my stomach telling me it needed a breather.

After some chill time, one of the girls and I decided that despite the insanely long line,  CapMac called our names. After a 30-minute wait, witnessing two dishes crossed off the list, and losing half our group to Bullfeathers and the promise of indoor plumbing, we emerged with our CapMac- original with Cheez-it topping. Unfortunately, neither of us thought the mac warranted the 30-minute wait and certainly was not worth the enormous calorie count that surely accompanied it. I enjoyed the texture of the Cheez-its mixed in with the mac, but found the richness of the cheddar and pimento just too overwhelming. I’d still like to give the goat cheese mac a shot, but ideally without a 30-minute wait.

Ultimately, our favorites were Pleasant Pops (J), Fojol Bros ( the girls), and for me, it was a tossup between TaKorean and Cajunators (I only had a bite of Fojol Bros Friday, but past visits put it up there with my favorite food trucks).  It would be wise for more of the trucks to offer sample sizes like Fojol and PorcMobile did. We had high hopes of trying all the trucks among the four of us, but our wallets and our patience didn’t allow it. Here’s hoping we’ll be able to visit some of the other trucks at the final Truckeroo of the season- the Halloween Edition- on Oct. 28.


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