Weekend Eats

This past weekend was full of delicious meals in and out of our kitchen.  Our weekend o’ eating started in earnest on Thursday with a birthday celebration for my roommate at Dukem Ethiopian.

The seven of us had all eaten Ethiopian before, but most of us had never eaten at this U Street eatery.  Although we all knew we liked Ethiopian we found the menu to be slightly intimidating and overwhelming with many unfamiliar dishes and a lack of adequate descriptions.

This didn’t stop us though. J and I each ordered a glass of honey wine and split the Dukem Special Tips (beef marinated in a special sauce) and a vegetable platter with lentils, collards, yellow peas and tomato salad. Both dishes came on a large platter of injera with a generous extra portion of the moist bread.

Food Platter at Dukem Courtesy: Katy Pitkin

The beef was tender and spicy, but the vegetables were the real winners of the meal. Overall, everyone at the table enjoyed their choices, but service was a little lacking.

We finished off our meal with these delightful mint chocolate chip cupcakes I made for the birthday girl.

Friday night we stayed in to recover from Thursday’s post-dinner wine and sangria drinking at Vinoteca. We revisited a recipe we tried recently for fish tacos, this time leaving out the mayo and using only plain yogurt.  I ignored the measurements and simply added the amount of yogurt to produce the consistency I prefer in slaw. We also breaded the tilapia and topped the tacos with homemade guac because why the hell not? Once again, this proved to be a quick, easy and delicious meal.

Saturday morning we took advantage of the gorgeous autumn weather and walked down to Georgetown for brunch at one of our favorite brunch places- Cafe Bonaparte. It doesn’t open until 10am on Saturdays and if you don’t get there soon after it opens, you’ll be waiting for a table because it really is a tiny and popular place. We chose to sit at the bar and converse with the bartenders/baristas. I started my morning off right with a nutella espresso, and J had a coffee.

We took a different route than we normally do at Bonaparte, each ordering a savory crepe. I had the Budapest (ground beef, onions, tomatoes, green peppers, cilantro sour cream) and J had the Marseille (chicken, red bell peppers, sour cream and onions), both served with a small side salad with a light vinaigrette. Essentially we ordered a burrito and an enchilada, but they were quite delicious. Just not the typical French crepes.

Moving on to Sunday…after a gorgeous walk to and around Roosevelt Island, we stopped at Wisey’s– often my go-to for a quick meal after a day of shopping in Georgetown.  J ordered a strawberry smoothie with added protein, and I ordered the Chantilly (smoked turkey, brie, & light cranberry mayo on multigrain bread).

The sandwich didn’t disappoint despite J’s apprehension about the mayo, and prompted him to order the California (chicken, avocado, havarti cheese, tomato and honey mustard on whole wheat). The honey mustard was a little much for me, but still a solid sandwich.

We capped off the weekend later that night with a to-go order of Surfside’s Martinique burrito to share- shrimp, guac, red beans & rice, zucchini. Splitting a burrito is usually how we do it at Surfside, but I always find that one half is better than the other. Remember to choice wisely when picking your half!

Next weekend we’re headed to NC for a good friend’s wedding, so there’s sure to be some bbq, Bojangles’ sweet tea and other good ole’ southern cooking. Stay tuned!


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