Maine Avenue Fish Market

Sometimes you need to be a tourist in your own city, especially when it’s a city with so much to offer like DC.  A LivingSocial deal for a Monuments by Moonlight boat cruise was the perfect incentive to discover a part of the city that I work near, but have honestly never spent any free time in-SW DC. I’d heard a little about the Maine Avenue Fish Market & thought it would be a great precursor to the boat cruise, especially with the amazing fall-like weather we had a couple of weeks ago.



James and I trekked from my office to the waterfront past a couple of abandoned restaurants  and the site of the Wharf Market until we came upon the bustling scene of the fish market. It’s been a few years since I’ve been to San Francisco, but the smells, sounds and atmosphere of the market temporarily transported me  to the waterside city. Piles of freshly-caught crab, fish and shrimp stared back at us as we explored each of the vendors.  Most of the vendors offered selections for customers to cook at home as well as dishes to be eaten there.

We ended up choosing a dinner deal of two crab cakes, two sides (we chose collard greens and hushpuppies) and a “free” soda for about $15. Not a bad deal for fresh seafood in DC.  After about a 10-minute wait, our order was up and we carried it to eat out on the waterside dining area. Take note: no chairs, just standing bar-like tables. The crab cakes themselves were somewhat small but with the complete meal, plenty for two people to share. The cakes had a good balance of crab and filler. I did have a couple of pieces of ‘gristle’ but I think that’s to be expected with fresh crab. The hushpuppies were a-maz-ing. The perfect crunchy-crispiness & flavorful enough to not need butter or any other condiment. The collards could have used some vinegar (maybe they had some available; I didn’t ask), but were generally satisfying to this collard-lover. I’d definitely like to head back to the fish market before winter arrives. Next time I’m hoping to pick up some crab legs- my favorite!

Maine Avenue Fish Market is located at 1100 Maine Ave SW, Washington, DC 20024.