Baking Blunder: Tiramisu

To be honest, I rarely completely fail when baking. Sure a bread might be a little dry or cookies a little overdone. But I can’t remember the last time I threw away a baked good, much less before it was finished.

That changed when I attempted to make tiramisu for the pièce de résistance of our Valentine’s Day dinner.

This recipe from the Flour cookbook calls for homemade ‘ladyfingers’ or essentially a sponge cake. After nearly 15 minutes of handheld mixing (a nudge for J to purchase me a KitchenAid), I spread the batter out on a pan and popped it into the oven. About five out of 15 minutes into the baking time, I glanced at the cookbook again. Despite the name of the book, I had forgotten to include an essential ingredient: Flour.

Apprehensive but undeterred, I proceeded to whip more eggs. But as I removed the ladyfingers from the oven, I knew it just wasn’t going to work. One large, rectangular crepe stared at me from the baking sheet. Normally I would have started over or tried to create another dish but it was already 10:15 pm on a work night, better known as  bedtime. I just didn’t think I’d have the energy to turn out a tiramisu worthy of Valentine’s Day. I resorted to buying an Italian dessert at a nearby bakery, and promised J I’d make it for him soon.

Flour in the bowl

Which led me to a Sunday afternoon in the kitchen, checking and double-checking that each ingredient made it into the dish. In the end, it was a delicious tiramisu and well worth the time! Especially because I was reminded of the importance of mise en place.

I’m going to be really lame and not post the recipe for several reasons.

1) It’s not online, and I’m too lazy to type it up.
2) The book is incredible and I recommend purchasing it.
3) As delicious as it was, I would like to make a couple of changes to the recipe to make it even better. I’ll write a new post with the adapted recipe sometime soon.

So stay tuned for what will hopefully not be another edition of ‘Baking Blunder.’